Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween House Cleaning?

My internet will be down for 3-5 days, so forgive me as I hobble along posting from my phone.
 Here are a few pictures related to my favorite aspect if decorating for Halloween: you don't have to be totally clean for Halloween! This year, the house was probably cleaner than any other because PJ was involved with so much of the preparations and he is the clean freak. I like planning the fancy food and creative decorations, but am not overly concerned about making everything spic and span. My belief is that  that if I am adding cobwebs to every room, dusting doesn't really matter so much. Also, while I do pick up the junk in the yard, I think weeds only add to the Halloween vibe. 
So here are a few pictures of the cobwebs in the living room. 
There were glow in the dark cobwebs in the new office area of the addition. ( We did this room up like a little fortune telling nook.  It was a cute idea, but a little secluded so no one really hung out in there.)  
PJ brought an extra refridgerator up from the shop and it was in this little nook, so people passed through to get their drinks from the fridge.  I am glad that PJ anticipated that we would need extra food and beverage storage, because I never would have thought of it.  
I am sick of running into the cobwebs, so they will be coming down TODAY! I am also sick of my overgrown garden.  I am on fall break this week and have plans devote some serious time to this area.  However, I LOVE that I didn't have to get that done before the party.  I think the weeds totally worked with the Halloween theme.
PJ made a few tombstones and I think his decorations and my lack of gardening made the perfect grave yard pumpkin patch. Enjoy!

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