Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

We made our annual trek to the pumpkin patch last weekend.  Prior to this year, Lydia always went with her daycare friends and I took off from work to join them.  You can see past trips to the pumpkin patch here, here, and here.  This year I was SO happy that we were able to go with a few friends and their kids, including Lydia's really good friend from her former daycare.
 We went to "Life Down on the Farm" in Powel.  It was new to me, but I have heard such good things about them I was happy to see for myself.  This family has been SO nice to a friend whose daughter has special needs and when I thanked them for their kindness, they immediately remembered the little girl by name!
 This pumpkin patch was all about farm life an animals.  Lydia got to ride in a donkey cart and pet a pig.  There were baby miniature horses, sheep, ducks, chickens, probably others that I am forgetting.  We paid on price and got to do all the kid's activities, see the animals, ride the rides, and get a pumpkin.
 This was my FAVORITE thing EVERY!  I want PJ to build one in our yard!  It is called a Jump Pillow or Jumpy Pillow and it is like a bounce house with out the house.  It is like a trampoline, but without the risk of falling off.  It was filled with air and surrounded with sand and able to accommodate adults AND kids!  So much fun!  The kids spend a LONG time here.
 They rode a tractor pulled train.
 They played in the sand around the Jump Pillow.
 They raced rubber duckies by pumping water in a trough.
 They practiced their milking skills.
 They played in corn....yes, CORN!  Imagine a big sand box filled with corn.  It was cute and you didn't worry so much about small gritty pieces getting in your eye!
 They climbed hay bales.
 We all stopped for a snack in the "daddy wagon" and then it was time to pick a pumpkin!
 We rode out to the "pumpkin patch".  I have been to other patches that grow there own and the patch is further away, in a field, and the pumpkins were much bigger.  Oh, well.  Maybe everyone had a small crop this year.  This place definitely wasn't growing these, but they were doing SO much else and we were SO tired by this point, I didn't care.
 On the plus side, Lydia can barely hold a small pumpkin, so she enjoyed the size selection!
 You can't do this with a BIG pumpkin!
With her perfect pumpkin selected, we said good bye to Life Down on the Farm and headed home for a BIG nap.

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