Friday, July 13, 2012

Four and Fabulous Party Activities

To wrap up the party posts, here is a look at all the little activities that were available for party guests throughout the event.

One of the first tables that guests saw was the "swag bag station". The kids were going to be getting lots of party favors and I wanted them to have a place to put them. I also wanted each kid to be able to recognize their bag, so we set out blank name tags and stickers to personalize the bags. Each bag contained a feather boa to get the party started.

Later, after all the kids got their bags, I used this same table as the "sunglasses decoration station". We gave out sunglasses as a prize for the "pin the sunglasses on the superstar" game. I threw out some more stickers and let the kids personalize their sunglasses.

We had a table full of Barbie and Car themed coloring pages with crayons.

I got two older friends to run the "beauty shop" where guests could apply eye shadow and temporary tattoos.

I also set up a "jewelry shop" full of beads, string, and glittery pipe cleaners so the kids could easily make a bracelet or necklace.

The kids had plenty to do and I think they had a fabulous time!

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