Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Bow Tie Bib for a Dapper Drooler!

Baby boy is teething and drooling through everything! We are putting bibs on him most of the time, which means his cute outfits are being hidden. Not cool!

I have had an idea for some type I'd up cycled shirt bib and decided Christmas Eve was the perfect time to test it out.

I had an old sweater that I used on other craft projects. It was wool and had been washed so it became felted and really easy to cut and sew.

I cut it in a shape similar to the flannel bibs that I make. I just left the sweater collar in tack.

I had a square of toweling left over and sewed that to the sweater so it has a nice finished edge AND the back is super absorbent. I need to play with the shape a little more because I don't like how that flat bib edge meets baby's neck.

For the tie, I sewed a wide rectangle of fabric into a tube. I just rolled the raw edges on the ends into the tube. That way I got a finished edge but not a seam. I tacked it in place with a little sewn stitch.

I tied a simple knot and the bow tie bib was ready to go! I have a few improvements in mind if I make more (maybe I will finally get an item up on that etsy site!) but Little Man seems to like it and his Christmas outfit stayed drool free!

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