Friday, December 28, 2012

Eat, Drink, and be Cozy: Quick and Easy Christmas Gifts!

This all started with these peppermint striped silly straws. I found them at a huge bargain and bought what seemed like a class set. I figured they could be a treat for my daughter's preschool class. I ended up not having enough but didn't want them to go to waste. (I also didn't want to store them until I could decide what to do with them)

So I used them to make a cute gift for the kids teachers and some family friends. I started with a cup. Depending on your price range, it can be just a cheap cup to hold everything (less then a dollar) or one of those double walled insulated cups that are popular right now ($5 - $10). I did like using a clear cup so that the rest of the gift was visible.

I dropped a few candies into the bottom of the cup. When we made the ones for the teachers, I got my four year old to count the out and put exactly ten in each. Again, depending on your price range, these can be more or less expensive. I also got several fun and funky thick and chunky socks in Christmas colors. These are the kind if thing I expect the recipient to wear around the house so I wasn't too worried about who got what color. These came in a two pack for about $3 at Walmart.

I folded the socks in half and placed them in the cup so the folded end was down and the open ends were at the top. That was helpful in having a place to insert the straw. Some gifts I finished with shredded paper on top (kind of like foam) and some got sprinkled with more candy. I inserted a gift card into the loop of the straw (choose the type and amount to fit your recipient). Most of mine were to Starbucks.

As a finishing touch, and because this gift contains candy, a coffee card/cup, and a pair of socks, I added a tag saying "Eat, Drink, and be COZY!" I hope the recipients enjoyed it. We had fun making them and I enjoyed that the TEN that I made were quick and easy and not terribly expensive.

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