Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Holiday Card

We had a super fun time making our super hero themed Christmas/New Years Card. Here's the story and the finished product.

First I made the background from blue paper, stuffing (for the clouds), and painted buildings. (More details here)

The toughest part was arranging the kids. In hind sight, I'm glad I took a picture of just the background by itself. In the end, there wasn't one picture where both kids looked great, so I used photoshop to combine several images.

Here are the best pictures if PJ and Lydia.

PJ had to take my picture!

My original idea was to create one image of the four of us with the caption "Have a SUPER New Year"!

We did use that image, but it went on the BACK of our card.

When I looked at Shutterfly's cards, the ones with just one picture seemed too plain. I fell in love with this template that looked like a comic strip. It let us have a picture on the back, and still have some room to write a personal message.

And there's our card! From our family to yours, may 2013 be more fun than you can imagine!

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