Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sewing Super Hero Stuff (Part 2)

I finished sewing the capes for each of the kids, and wanted to make a few super accessories.

Luckily, I still had some scraps to use up. I started with the sleeves off an old sweater.

I cut at an angle to make the top edge a little more interesting and then I sewed a seam down the length of the sleeve. That way it should be a snug fit on my daughter's arm.

Now to add some super hero details!

I went with a lightning bolt to match the design on my daughter's cape. I'm calling these finished!

For the 5 month old, I made a pair of cuffs from the edge of an old sweater. I added star details to natch his cape.

Finally, I made a little hat by cutting two half circles from the sweater and sewing down the center seam.

I decided baby boy should have goggles, but resting on his hat instead of trying to put them on his eyes. Now I just need to dress my super heros and take some fun photos for our Christmas (New Year's) card.

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