Monday, December 17, 2012

Sewing Superhero Stuff!

I have been wanting to make capes for kids for a while. Especially because buying a cape for a kid is SO expensive! (The example above is almost $50 for a cape and wrist covers!) I decided that I was not only making capes, I was using ALL upcycled materials and scraps from other projects so these capes won't cost me anything but time.

I started by folding a rectangle of fabric and cutting the bottom into a curved shape. Then I cut the sides to be at an angle and finally I cut the top to have a gentle curve similar to the bottom of the cape. I free handed mine, but I bet there are also cape patterns online.

I decided to frame my cape decorations with a circle. Here's Joshua's finished cape (sorry, it came together quickly and I forgot to take pictures) with a star set inside a circle. The red circle and the green stripe were both old sweaters. The band of black and white stripe was an old shirt cut into strips and inserted in the outer seam,

Here is that step on Lydia's cape. I just tucked the stripe under the circle as I sewed my way around.

Here's the finished circle (cut from an old t-shirt) waiting for a decorative element to be added.

I decided on a red lightening bolt. I cut a rectangle of red from an old curtain and laid it on the cape so that when I drew the design I could be sure it fit well with the shape of the cape.

I also decided to add an L for Lydia inside the lightning bolt.

Once all the designs were sewn to one side of the cape, it was time to sew the front to the back. I put both right sides together and pinned the edge. I also inserted two ribbons on the top corners to become the ties.

Sew all the way around, but remember to leave an opening so that you can turn it right side out when finished.

I edge stitched my capes once they were right side out to finish them off and close the hole. I thought I was done, but something seemed to be missing from Joshua's cape.

I cut a scrap of felt to be smaller than the star and added a J for Joshua!

Now the two capes are ready for my two super kids!

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